4. Computational Geometry & Geometry Class & Visualization


Day 4: Computational Geometry and Geometry Class
Introduction to Computational Geometry and Visualization

Data Structure, Vector, Color, Point, Line, Polyline, Polygon class, Area class, Geo JSON

Research Overview:
* Parkerator
* Agent-based Optimization for Column Distribution
* Design Workflows Integrating Machine Learning and Voxel Representations

1) Construct and compute geometries
2) Understand the Geometry data

Workshop: Codepen (HTML Canvas, Three(WebGL))
1) Vector object and its implementation
2) Point object
3) Line object
4) Area object
5) Color object
6) Rendering in Canvas

Additional note:
1) Geometry data structures(Vector, Line, Polyline)

  • Overview
Flux Parkerator, NJ Namju Lee
Column Distribution & Thickness Optimization, NJ Namju Lee
Volumetric Representations and Machine Learning, NJ Namju Lee
  • Workshop

Programming Paradigm / Typescript Classes

Geometry Class as data structures
DataStructure Vector: link
DataStructure Color: link
Point object: link
Line object: link
Polyline object: link
Polygon object: link

Mapping & Data Viz workshop
Point class: link
Line class: link
Area class: link
Geo JSON: link

  • Additional Note

Vector: Python, Javascript, C#, Java
Line: Javascript
Polyline: Javascript

English Version
Korean Version

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Computational Designer at NJSTUDIO, and Software Engineer at ESRI

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