6 Digital Mapping using ArcGIS JSAPI

Day 6: Digital Mapping using ArcGIS JSAPI
Introduction to JSAPI and the Development of a Mapping App

Projection, Remap, Interpolation, Generalization, ArcGIS JSAPI, Gestalk Principles, Principles of Graphical Integrity, Bertin’s Visualization design space

Research Overview:
* Third Place Mobility Energy Consumption

1) Projection, remap, interpolation
2) Generalization
3) Understand modify Object-oriented programming(OOP) pattern

Workshop: Codepen, Github
1) develop a mapping app with JSAPI based on the boilerplate code

Additional note:
1) data visualization using d3
2) data visualization using Amcharts

ArcGIS StoryMaps
ArcGIS StoryMaps
English Version
Korean Version



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