Introduction to Geometry as Data Structure and Visualization

Class, Computational Geometry, Data Structure, Projection, Remap, Interpolation, Generalization, Gestalk Principles, Principles of Graphical Integrity, Bertin’s Visualization design space

1) File format(CSV , JSON, GeoJSON, Image)
2) Geometry as Data Structure
2) Remap, Interpolation, Generalization
3) Object-oriented programming(OOP) pattern


Numeric Network Analysis(NNA) Tool, developed by NJ Namju Lee and Dr. Jung Hyun Woo.


Rhino Grasshopper Python — link

Jupyter Notebook — link

DFS / BFS examples — CodePen


NNA_V2_Beta_0.5.2 Addon — link
NNA_V2_Beta_0.5.2 Example — link


Discrete Urban Space and Connectivity— link

Numeric Network Analysis: Post-COVID-19 Urbanism, 6 ft rule — link

SA(Social Algorithms) 2020, Computational Design

Subtitle: Partition & Relationship

Data Structure, Graph, Matrix, Pixel, Voxel, Discretization, Partition, Connection, Search

Workshop Reference
1. Computational Design Thinking for Designers — link(Eng)
2. Data & Design — link(Eng) — link(KR)

Data to Wisdom, The Information Factory S.A.

how to capture and process spatial data in design

Relationship among data…

NJ Namju Lee

Computational Designer at NJSTUDIO, and Software Engineer at ESRI

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