Computational Design Thinking for Designers

Understanding Problem, Concern & Issue
Declaring Inputs & Outputs
Writing Instructions

from Whole to Parts & from Part to Whole
from Simple to Complex & from Complex to Simple
from Generic to Specific & from Specific to Generic

Deterministic or Stochastic
Converge or Diverge Design Space, Optimization, Pareto efficiency
& Button-up
Holistic or Partial
Existing or Emerging (Revealing)
Oriented or Disoriented
Centralized or Decentralized
Procedural or Iterative
Ultimate(Best) or Optimal

from Infinite to Finite FEM, Structure Analysis
from Implicit to Explicit
from Ambiguous to Certain
from Entangled to Separated Pipeline
from Inactive to InteractiveComplex system
from Phenomenological(Observation) to Predictable(Model & System)
from Intuition(Imagination, Hypothesis) to Implementation

Dumb or Smart Component Oriented Programming, React, Unity3d
Reciprocal (Mutual & Dependent )or Isolation(independent)
Public or Protected or Private
or Concrete Implementation and Inherent
or Disconnected
or Dynamic(Instance)

Analytic-Oriented & Object-Oriented & Functional & Procedural & Component...
Relational Hierarchy
Properties and Behaviors
Pure & Impure
Condition & Loop
Coordinate system, distortion, projection remap interpolation …



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