Discrete Urban Space and Connectivity

Data Structure, Graph, Matrix, Pixel, Voxel, Discretization, Partition, Connection, Search

Workshop Reference
1. Computational Design Thinking for Designers — link(Eng)
2. Data & Design — link(Eng) — link(KR)

Data to Wisdom, The Information Factory S.A.

how to capture and process spatial data in design

Relationship among data in a space

Discrete a space into parts

Social network as Graph — link
Transportation as Graph (
Street, freeway(highway), subway, sky way…)
Folder structure as Graph —
Programming executions as Graph —
Zoning as Graph — link
Associative geometry —
Interface —
link / link
Network for ML —

Structure — link, link
Mesh(Polygon) as Graph — link
Mesh from Rhino3d: link

NJSTUDIO Presentation slide

Data structure as Graph
JSON /GeoJSON as Graph
Matrix (link) Pixel(link) and Voxel(link) as Graph

Directed Graph / Undirected Graph / Mixed Graph / Weighted Graph
… Multigraph / Bipartite Graph / DAG(Directed Acyclic Graph)

Graph Data Structure And Algorithmslink
/ BFS examples — CodePen


Rigid body: link
Agent Boids System A: link
Agent Boids System B: link
Rect Pos Optimizer: link
Graph system: link

Volumetric Representations and Machine Learning, NJ Namju Lee

Three, Terrain, pixel map(matrix): link
Rhino Grasshopper, Terrain, pixel map(matrix): link
Three, Voxel map: link



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