Geometry as Data Structure and Visualization

NJ Namju Lee
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Introduction to Geometry as Data Structure and Visualization

Class, Computational Geometry, Data Structure, Projection, Remap, Interpolation, Generalization, Gestalk Principles, Principles of Graphical Integrity, Bertin’s Visualization design space

1) File format(CSV , JSON, GeoJSON, Image)
2) Geometry as Data Structure
2) Remap, Interpolation, Generalization
3) Object-oriented programming(OOP) pattern
4) Visualization


Structured data- CSV
Semi-structured data- JSON, GeoJSONlink
Image: Remote Sensing, DEMlink

Programming Paradigm / Typescript Classes
Software design pattern:
link, (GoF) Design Patterns
Inheritance (object-oriented programming):

Geometry Class as data structures
DataStructure Vector: link
DataStructure Color: link
Point object: link
Line object: link
Polyline object: link
Polygon object: link


R Space — R1 /R2 /R3 /Rn Space

Coordinate system
Geographic coordinate system

Projection demo: link

Remap: Bar Chart / Scatter plot
Interpolation (easing): link

Scaling, Clustering, Aggregation, Clustering and so on

Gestalk Principles: link
Grouping: Proximity — Similarity — Enclosure

Bertin’s Visual design space: link
Mark / point / lines / area
Channels / position / value / texture / color / orientation / shape

Principles of Graphical Integrity: link
Lie Factor / Data-Ink Ratio / Chartjunk / Graphical Integrity

How coronavirus charts can mislead us — link

45-ways-to-communicate-two-quantities: link

Nightingale-mortality: link
Domain knowledge / Analysis / Repeated measurements /
Speaking with data and persuading with visual insight

! not the beautiful but the meaningful


Introduction to Computational Design:
Data, Geometry, and Visualization Using Digital Medialink



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