Immersive Environmental Information Visualization [Technical docs]

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Date : Jun/28/2021— Jun/29/2021

Key Words: Data Visualization, Unity, C#, Real-time data

Required Skills: Some coding experience(C# or Python) is preferred.

Required Software: Unity(LTS Release 2020.3.12f1), Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code

Required Hardware: Windows Laptop preferred

Maximum number of participating students: 15

This workshop will introduce the fundamentals of data visualization strategies in the Unity game engine. Through lectures and hands-on exercises, the attendees will learn how to import weather data from an open-source API and display the acquired data over an interactive map using a number of immersive visualization strategies.

C# Material :

0. Introduction

  1. Interface

2 Component

Introduction to Component Based Architecture in Games — link

  • Parameter -Diagram

3 Interaction

  • Mouse event — link

4 UI

5 Data

Data Format and structure:

Difference between Structured, Semi-structured and Unstructured data — link
Unstructured data
Structured data- CSV
Semi-structured data- JSON, GeoJSON
Image: Remote Sensing, DEM,

  • Import CSV file — link

7 Mesh

8 Scene Examples

  • GeoJson and Visualization — link

Day 2

1 Environmental data

2 Export 3D Geometry from Google Map

3 Import Google Map to Unity

4 Open Weather Map and UI

5 Question, Project, Discussion



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NJ Namju Lee

Computational Designer at NJSTUDIO, and Software Engineer at ESRI