Numeric Network Analysis: Post-COVID-19 Urbanism, 6 ft rule

First Week
Lecture: 35% — 2.5 hours
Overview: 20% — 2 hours, overview projects and codes
Workshop: 45% — 3.5 hours, hand-on workshop

Second Week
Feedback -20mins
Homework -30mins

First Week
Urban Network & Accessibility Analysis —
1. Lecture, Urban Design Quality and Walkability
2. Lecture, Spatial Network Analysis in Transportation Geography
3. Workshop, NNA Toolbox — link/download

Discrete Urban Space & Connectivity
1. Lecture, Data and Design — link
2. Lecture, Computational Design Thinking for Designers — link
3. Lecture, Pipeline for Interaction, Data, and Geometry Visualization — link
4. Lecture, Discrete Urban Space and Connectivity — link
5. Lecture, Geometry as Data Structure and Visualization— link
6. Workshop Python Graph — download
7. Workshop, Pedestrian Volume Studies — link
Post-COVID-19 Urbanism — link

Second Week
1. Desk critic , Exercise, review
2. Workshop, trouble shooting … code support …

Homework — Python Colab / Rhino Grasshopper
Python Graph —
Seoul Data Visualization —
Seoul Numerical Image —

ThinkPython PDF

Data and Computational Design Materials

English Version — Long / Short playlist

Korean Version — Daum Branch

Example files — link



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