Introduction to Geometry as Data Structure and Visualization

Class, Computational Geometry, Data Structure, Projection, Remap, Interpolation, Generalization, Gestalk Principles, Principles of Graphical Integrity, Bertin’s Visualization design space

1) File format(CSV , JSON, GeoJSON, Image)
2) Geometry as Data Structure
2) Remap, Interpolation, Generalization
3) Object-oriented programming(OOP) pattern


Numeric Network Analysis(NNA) Tool, developed by NJ Namju Lee and Dr. Jung Hyun Woo.


Rhino Grasshopper Python — link

Jupyter Notebook — link

DFS / BFS examples — CodePen


NNA_V2_Beta_0.5.2 Addon — link
NNA_V2_Beta_0.5.2 Example — link


Discrete Urban Space and Connectivity— link

Numeric Network Analysis: Post-COVID-19 Urbanism, 6 ft rule — link

SA(Social Algorithms) 2020, Computational Design

Subtitle: Partition & Relationship

Data Structure, Graph, Matrix, Pixel, Voxel, Discretization, Partition, Connection, Search

Workshop Reference
1. Computational Design Thinking for Designers — link(Eng)
2. Data & Design — link(Eng) — link(KR)

Data to Wisdom, The Information Factory S.A.

how to capture and process spatial data in design

Relationship among data…

Computational Design

The keywords could help designers to start thinking like a computational design specialist. Computational thinking in design asks you holistic approaches to resolve a small design problem while also asking you an extremely isolated process to fix a comprehensive design concern. …

NJ Namju Lee

Computational Designer at NJSTUDIO, and Software Engineer at ESRI

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